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Energy Healer Astryd Schiller

Astryd Schiller is a faith-driven, multilingual Canadian energy healer originally from Germany, who has overcome numerous challenges in her life, has knowledge, wounds, and healing from many cultures.

Like most, she has her share of heart-break and pain. She grew up around narcissists, to being told by doctors she wouldn't make it through the night due to Mercury poisoning, surviving, only to be told she couldn't have children, and that too she overcame. Through healing her own love wounds, health issues Astryd now specializes in heart healing. 

Through experiences in her life as well as her clients, she knows the heart must heal to manifest a new reality. A new reality is one where you experience improved health, love, wealth, and so much more.

Astryd herself is a walking miracle. She is proof healing works and now she helps other women who want to feel radiant, successful and loved, heal their hearts to make their dreams come true.

If you have experienced past relationship pain, within your family, personal or professional relationships, and you are struggling with your midlife motivation to get the outcomes you want in your life, there maybe a connection. 

Reach out to Astryd to set up your personal call to find out if Astryd is the right energy healer for you. 



I have just recently started working 1-on-1 with Astryd and from the 1st free phone call I was impressed and took up her 10-week healing sessions and the trust she showed in how I can pay weekly. She is persistent and digs deep into your psyche to find the root cause. No other healers had touched my heart as she did/still does. Thank you Astryd for just being your real true you.

Christopher Williams



Sometimes we pay for services and the person ends up not being as authoritative as needed. Astryd has a presence and voice that leads you into a healing experience.  With Astryd, no two experiences are the same and that is great. 

Elizabeth Lee

Elle Jordan


Astryd is an incredible healer. If she says, she is sending energy to your heart or throat, you feel it in those places. That is rare to experience someone so powerful with their energetic gifts.

I highly recommend people get at least one session with her and feel it out for themselves. Try it! 

Richard Rodriguez


Email: Astryd4Energy (@) gmail (dot) com  Phone: +1(647) 273-4370

Privacy policy, we will never share your information. No refunds, and must be 18 or over to order or be accompanied by an adult. Energy healing and advice is not a substitute for medical, psychological or legal help. Please consult a doctor when needed before getting energy work.

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