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Energy Healer, Teacher, Channel, Intuitive Astryd Schiller

Meet Astryd Schiller, your guide to midlife healing and transformation. Hailing from the vibrant culture of Germany, Astryd is a multi-faceted energy healer, teacher, channel, and intuitive. Her journey, a tapestry woven with threads of resilience, strength, and profound transformation, mirrors the struggles many face in midlife.

Early on, Astryd navigated the challenging landscape of narcissistic personalities, leaving indelible emotional scars. The storm intensified when doctors pronounced a dire prognosis – mercury poisoning, a sentence that seemed insurmountable. Yet, defying all odds, she emerged victorious. Another trial awaited - the news that she couldn't bear children. Undeterred, she faced this challenge head-on, proving that determination can overcome the seemingly impossible.

Astryd's personal odyssey fueled her passion for heart healing and teaching, channeled through her connection with Angelic beings. Her core belief is simple yet profound: to craft a new reality of improved health, love, and wealth, healing the heart is paramount.

Today, Astryd stands as living proof that healing is not just a concept but a tangible reality. She radiates the success, love, and resilience she envisions for her clients. As an energy healer, her mission is clear – to uplift women who, like her, have weathered wounds and past relationship pain, striving to attain the life they desire.

Astryd extends a lifeline to those wrestling with pain in family, personal, wealth, and love relationships. She offers assurance that the struggles may be linked to past experiences, holding the key to unlocking a thriving future.

If you resonate with these experiences, Astryd invites you to connect with her. Schedule a personal call and explore how she can be the catalyst for your journey to healing, transformation, and the manifestation of your dreams.

If you find yourself identifying with these experiences, Astryd invites you to reach out to her. Set up a personal call and discover if she is the right energy healer to guide you on your journey to healing, transformation, and manifestation of your dreams.



I have just recently started working 1-on-1 with Astryd and from the 1st free phone call I was impressed and took up her 10-week healing sessions and the trust she showed in how I can pay weekly. She is persistent and digs deep into your psyche to find the root cause. No other healers had touched my heart as she did/still does. Thank you Astryd for just being your real true you.

Christopher Williams



Sometimes we pay for services and the person ends up not being as authoritative as needed. Astryd has a presence and voice that leads you into a healing experience.  With Astryd, no two experiences are the same and that is great. 

Elizabeth Lee

Elle Jordan


Astryd is an incredible healer. If she says, she is sending energy to your heart or throat, you feel it in those places. That is rare to experience someone so powerful with their energetic gifts.

I highly recommend people get at least one session with her and feel it out for themselves. Try it! 

Richard Rodriguez


Email: Astryd4Energy (@) gmail (dot) com  Phone: +1(647) 273-4370

Privacy policy, we will never share your information. No refunds, and must be 18 or over to order or be accompanied by an adult. Energy healing and advice is not a substitute for medical, psychological or legal help. Please consult a doctor when needed before getting energy work.

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