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200 Speakers Interviewed & Here Are A Few From TEDx, & 1 Bestselling Authors:

Prof. Dr. Emeran Mayer (UCLA, pioneer of brain gut interactions)
Ryan Walter (NFL Head Coach)
Dr. Wendy Lyon (Author)
Joy Kingsborough
Jeffrey Gignac
(Host) Waxela Sananda
Kenji Kumara

Jeanne Sullivan Billeci (Author)
Dr. Diana Kirschner (Oprah)
Melissa S Binkley (Bestselling Author)
Hans Wilhelm (YouTuber)
Marla Goldberrg (Author)
Dr. Monique Hunt
Sarah Payton
Denise Vale

Joy Woodward (Author)
Masami Covey (The Shift Work)
Sheila Seppi (Conscious Awakening Network)
Viviane Chauvet (The Galactic Alliances)
Elizabeth Wood
Shena White

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